New Territories is a series of projects that explore the changing landscape of Hong Kong’s northern frontier, re-thinking notions of territory, development, time, and the legacies of colonialism.

2019 - Ongoing

In early 2021, I found myself spending extended periods of time exploring the North of Hong Kong near the Shenzhen border. 

I was drawn to the stark absence of the landscape that felt worlds apart from the dense towers and congested streets of Hong Kong. Behind the facade of pristine forests and deep silence lay a changing landscape interwoven with myths, modernity, and forgotten histories. Each encounter revealed a territory torn between its colonial past and proximity to mainland China, in which villages are bulldozed to the ground to make way for new towers, hidden shrines unearth neglected histories, and farm fields are eroded by construction.

The farther I walked, the more the border between the  landscape and my imagination began to blur. Beyond the edge of land was nothing but the vast expanse of my imagination, longing to find the meaning of home in a city that is ever changing. Objects left behind by its once inhabitants became a new kind of territory, an inner journey that straddled between past and present, occupation and absence, the seen and newly imagined. 

All that remains are the objects left behind, a ruin of memories. As night falls and shrouds these objects in darkness, the faintest light emerges from beneath, still warm from that one afternoon where papaya trees bloomed from the summer rain.

Far more than a region, New Territories provides a setting for imagination of a place that is ever evolving, the ground rupturing beneath my feet.

自2021 年,我時常帶上相機,漫無目地行走在香港北部與深圳邊界,拍攝沿途所見。沒有既定的終點,沒有特定的意義。




「界」 ,將超越其地理名詞的本義,轉而成為一段隱喻的風景,它恆常變化,它恆常變幻——此時、此地,大地在我腳下崩裂。


New Territories 界 (Asia One, 2022)

Embossed linen hardcover
26.1 x 27.1 cm, 122 pages

ISBN 978-988-76507-0-6 

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