New Territories is a series of projects that explore the changing landscape of Hong Kong’s northern frontier, caught between its past and ongoing integration with mainland China.

2021 - Ongoing

Wanting to escape from urban Hong Kong, I found myself walking near the Northern border every weekend, revisiting a region I once grew up. 

I would have no particular destination in mind, surrendering to the journey and photographing whatever I encountered along my path.


「新-界」 ,將超越其地理名詞的本義,轉而成為一段隱喻的風景,一幅被抹去的景象——此時、此地,大地在我腳下破裂。

No Rest for Tian Xiang

Dreaming of Papaya

The things we leave behind,

all but a ruin of memories,

washed away in a sea of darkness.

Their contours emerge from shadowy depths,

tracing some distant past,

to a home that once was.

Across the fields they toiled,

burying their hearts beneath the

soil that would soon rise into the

sky in exclamations of anger, like the

cracking of firework and the burst of

tears that fill the air, shattering the ground into

fragments of a land that once was, now

gone away into the silent

land of memory.

Wanting to escape from urban Hong Kong, I found myself walking near the northern border every weekend. 

I would have no particular destination in mind and photographed anything in my path. I encountered a landscape that was deeply contested between developers and villagers, nature and infrastructure, and fragments of history being eroded by urban development with Shenzhen looming across the border.

Far more than a geographical region, New Territories is a personal meditation of a place that is ever changing, the ground rupturing beneath my feet.


「新-界」 ,將超越其地理名詞的本義,轉而成為一段隱喻的風景,一幅被抹去的景象——此時、此地,大地在我腳下破裂。

Solo Exhibition

"New Territories", 01 November - 28 December, 2022, Hong Kong International Photo Festival (HKIPF) Satellite Exhibition 


Hong Kong International Photo Festival (HKIPF) Satellite Exhibition Grant 2022 for "New Territories"


Hui, Justin. New Territories. Hong Kong, Asia One Books, 2022 (Upcoming)

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