Space on Paper Jimei x Arles Chinese Contemporary Photobook Exhibition

15 December, 2023

Thank you @threeshadows_official for selecting “New Territories” as part of Space on Paper Jimei x Arles Chinese Contemporary Photobook Exhibition.

Thank you Li Zijiang, @threeshadows_official @jimei_arles @hujiawenhjw for the opportunity to participate in Xiamen. Such an impressive show with so much to see!

Curated by Li Zijian

JIMEI ART CENTRE, Jimei District, Xiamen(厦门市集美区集美艺术中心)

Doctalks x MoMA

31 October, 2023

Had a great time sharing my work “Black Mountain, Red Earth” with Doctalks x MoMA — an amazing forum for academic peers with a focus on architectural history and theory. Thank you @doctalks___ @chan.carson and @_meardley from Princeton University for responding.

“Black Mountain, Red Earth” chronicles the desolation of mining towns in the Zambian Copperbelt and the emergence of multinational frontier towns in western Zambia. Following the crash of global copper prices in the 1990s, this mineral-rich region underwent significant changes as state-run mines were sold to multinational mining conglomerates. This privatization resulted in drastic cuts to welfare and funding for urban development, profoundly changing the lives of those who work and live there.

The project focuses on two distinct regions: “Black Mountain” portrays the devastating effects of privatization through the lens of miners and their livelihoods in the Zambian Copperbelt; “Red Earth” explores the emerging frontier towns in western Zambia, where multinational companies are vying for a share of Africa’s vast copper reserves.

Through interviews and photography, these two chapters provide a comparative portrayal between a place left behind by globalization and another borne by it, between the shadows of Zambia’s colonial legacy and the emergence of a global Africa shaped by competing multinational interests. These narratives foreshadow a broader landscape intertwined by global markets and forces.

Zine Launch at HART Haus for "Searching for Poon"

20 December, 2023

Architect and visual artist Justin Hui will recount his race against time to uncover his grandmother’s past as her memories fade away. He pieces together found photographs and documents like clues to a hidden life, filling in gaps with his own imagination. His journey retraces his grandmother’s steps, taking him from present-day Hong Kong to her earliest memories growing up in a village in mainland China. In the process, he unravels a past he never knew and discovers the reasons behind her loss of memory.

His ruminations on memory and forgetting informs the non-linear structure of the zine, mirroring both his perspective in the present and what could have been her perspective of losing her memory. Multiple narratives are interwoven between the artist and his grandmother, the real and imagined, and chronological and fragmented time — converging and separating across a nonlinear timeline with elements and motifs echoing on both sides.

The zine becomes an exercise in remembering, shaping our understanding of our own histories where the boundaries between memory, fiction, and reality are blurred. Photography, once a purveyor of objective reality, transforms into an exercise of imagining in absence.

20.12.2023, Wed, 18:15–19:30
Venue: HART Haus (3/F, Cheung Hing Industrial Building, 12P Smithfield, Kennedy Town)

Being Hong Kong

02 December, 2023

Thrilled to contribute to @beinghongkong and their latest issue on the New Territories, “Mapping the Old New World”. I’m truly impressed by the research, design, and editing by the team to offer one of the most insightful surveys on the history and future of the New Territories.

In my section “RE-Seek”, we dive deeper into the topic of boundaries and their roles in shaping Hong Kong identity. How can photography raise various questions about land, identity, and home beyond the colonial gaze of Hong Kong?



18 September, 2023

My conversation with NOWNESS featured online (link below) and upcoming hardcopy.

We revisit my early fieldwork in Africa to my recent work centered around my grandmother - discussing how my work explores the fluidity of boundaries - from territorial separation to identity and memory.

Thank you to the amazing @lesleytang_ , Selina Liu for putting this thoughtful piece together.

Sam iz Dat: (independent/underground) Publications 

15-16 September, 2023

Excited to showcase “New Territories” along with 240 other titles of curated Sam iz Dat: (independent/underground) publications by Chinese-speaking Creators as part of Rehearsal Art Book Fair.

Presented in the US for the very first time, this book fair seeks to explore and present the essence of independent art and literary publishing within highly capitalized and/or censored contexts.

This remarkable collection of books - curated by Shisi @shisihuang_ from @3standardstoppage and Jiaoyang @jylllllll___ from @accentsisters - would undoubtedly serve as a remarkable reference for future research. Don’t miss this!

Sep 15 and 16, 2023 in New York City
University Settlement (184 Eldridge st, new york)

18th International Architecture Exhibition - La Biennale di Venezia

20 May, 2023

Excited to feature my work “Unsettled Ground 未定之境” at the 18th International Architecture Exhibition–La Biennale di Venezia as part of the Hong Kong pavilion, titled “Transformative Hong Kong”.

Responding to Lesley Lokko’s theme “The Laboratory of the Future” and the pavilion’s focus on Hong Kong’s future with mega projects such as the Northern Metropolis, the two-channel video features a series of images drawn from Hong Kong’s Northern borderlands to Chinese construction sites across the African continent – places undergoing dramatic change that I have spent years exploring and documenting.

Photographs unfold like a visual poem, interwoven with personal reflections and found objects scavenged from demolished villages. These fragments are paired together on a folding screen, transcending familiar boundaries to create new connections between development, destruction, memory, time, boundaries, and displacement that reconsider histories beyond the lens of colonialism.

An imagined landscape emerges, portraying the erasure of places and the creation of an abstract future still unfolding.

The exhibition is jointly organized by Hong Kong Arts Development Council, Hong Kong Institute of Architects Biennale Foundation, and curated by Sarah Kwok Yan Lee, Prof. Hendrik Tieben, and Yutaka Yano.

Transformative Hong Kong
Arsenale, Campo della Tana, Castello 2126, Venice, Italy
May 20 – November 26, 2023
From 20 May to 30 September 2023: 11am – 7pm
From 1 October to 26 November: 10am – 6pm
Closed on Mondays
(except on 22/05, 14/08, 4/09, 16/10, 30/10, 20/11)

Fluid Ground - Stories of Transformation

20 May, 2023

Speakers: Era Savvides & Nasios Varnavas (Urban Radicals / European Cultural Centre Pavilion); Jan Jongert (Dutch Pavilion); Sam Domingo & Choie Y. Funk (Philippine Pavilion); Justin Hui (Unsettled Ground - Hong Kong to African Continent, Contributor to Hong Kong Pavilion)

Moderator: Dr Paolo Zaide (University of Westminster)

Presenting a series of mini lectures from former and current curators, architects and artists of the Venice Architecture Biennale to discuss the cultural and environmental transformations in the city, and to ask how we can re-awaken the presence of water, ground and landscape as elements held ‘in common’ in our urban imaginaries.

How do we experience ‘water’ and ‘ground’ and how can the idea of ‘fluid ground’ serve as common thread for experience, understanding and knowledge of place? Our interaction with water and ground form multiple stories, with water as source, sewer, and communication channel, and shared ground driving the process of city transformation.

In this talk we open a conversation about transformations through water and ground to create new spaces for collective memory and desire. What are water and ground as a material – what does it mean to use it, contaminate it, remediate it? What is fluid ground as an entity – what are its physical and metaphorical boundaries? How do the stories of transformation connect to create space for collective memory and desire, and places for new cultural and environmental imagination? How do the canals of Venice speak from coast line in Europe to the creeks of Manila and the wetlands of Hong Kong? We will gather our discussions in the open space of the Hong Kong Pavilion.

【新界東北】藝術家探新界廢墟尋舊物 以攝影重塑被迫遷村民與土地的情感 提問北部發展:香港應擁抱更具遠見的規劃 

28 April, 2023

在受北部都會區、新界東北發展影響的廢墟裏,建築師 / 藝術家許慕義(Justin Hui)他小心翼翼地把一件件村民在迫遷下匆匆遺留的物品拾起,為之成像。這些昔日的示威物品、停止跳動的時鐘、永遠停留在遷走一天的日曆,不但見証了被推土機剷走的往昔鄉村生活,也默默在另一個並置的時空拋擲問題:什麼是家?什麼是對土地的感情?有着怎樣的重量才值得被帶走,或放下?Justin是拾荒者,是異鄉人,也是來自未來的鬼魂。他俯拾起昨日的殘留,對缺席的人說,這片土地,已不再是你們曾想像的模樣。

0:00 他為何會走上廢墟拾荒之路

01:13 走入已變作地盤的廢村 

02:25 介紹讓他感深刻的幾件被棄物品 

03:09 探入廢屋,成為時間族人 

04:18 他對新界的感情及對現行發展規劃的看法--- 

詳細報導:採訪:吳世寧攝影:周禮進、張名慧剪接:張名慧#新界 #新界東北發展 #廢墟 #廢墟攝影 #藝術家

Re-thinking Territory along the Northern Border 

10 February, 2023

時間 Time:9-10pm HKT
地點 Place:Online via Zoom
語言 Language:英語 English
預約 Registration:

What is the meaning of home/land in a city that is ever changing?

香港學會與WMA 將共同舉辦藝術家和建築師許慕義 @jmyhui 的新書分享會,並邀請到香港大學建築學院陸小璇博士和朱慰先博士與之對談。講座將透過許氏的新書《界》,觸碰邊界、土地、變遷中的城市景觀等議題,並以視覺文化的角度,探視香港在殖民地框架以外被呈現的方式。

Join us for the sharing with artist and architect Justin Hui @jmyhui on his latest photobook “New Territories”, moderated by Dr. Lu Xiaoxuan and Dr. Cecilia Chu, both from the HKU Division of Landscape Architecture. Presented by Society of Hong Kong Studies and supported by WMA, this book talk will examine issues about territory, the border and changing landscape, as well as seeing Hong Kong beyond colonial framework in visual culture.

Cecilia L. Chu
Associate Professor and Director of the MSc Conservation Programme in the Division of Landscape Architecture at HKU

Xiaoxuan Lu
Assistant Professor in the Division of Landscape Architecture at the University of Hong Kong

This event is supported by:

WMA is a non-profit platform dedicated to facilitating greater understanding of Hong Kong through the lens-based art form

Asia Art Archive

January 9, 2023

"New Territories" added to Asia Art Archive Collection

New Territories Book Sharing at HART Haus

December 17 from 2:30 - 3:30PM

Artist and architect Justin Hui will be sharing his new photobook “New Territories”, published by Asia One. The series of images from the title explores the changing landscape of Hong Kong's northern frontier, caught between its past and ongoing integration with mainland China. It is a journey across the ruins of fading memories of what once was to discover the meaning of home in a city that is ever changing.

The artist discovers a landscape interwoven with myths and forgotten histories. Each of his encounters reveal a territory torn between its past and proximity with Shenzhen, in which villages are demolished to the ground to make way for new towers, hidden shrines unearth neglected histories, and forests are eroded by construction.

The landscape becomes a new kind of territory, an inner journey that straddles past and present, nature and civilisation, occupation and absence, the seen and imagined. These images are contemplative as they are descriptive as the artist ponders the meaning of territory, memory and time, and the legacies of the past.

Framing Territories

December 2 from 9:00 - 10:00PM at Kubrick 

The decisive moment emerges from the instantaneous connection between the subject and the object. Such simultaneous coalition re-frames memories, presence and imagination – a moment in time that blurs the boundaries among past, present and future.  

Bringing together photographic works and publications of Justin Hui, Lau Chi Chung and Erica T., “Framing Territories” (conducted mostly in Cantonese) explores the ambiguity and dynamics among notions of documentation and imagination, personal and collective experiences, here and beyond.  

Justin Hui’s photographic works at times combine multiple elements such as archival research, mapping and found objects. While anchoring on notions of redevelopment, territory and border, he unpacks the semantics of geography with an active re-interpretation of space, memory and transition. 

From “Landscaped Artefacts” to “My Kind of Landscape”, Lau Chi Chung wanders through the urban and rural; among abstract man-made landscapes on the street and leftover belongings in abandoned homes, he uncovers the forgotten and re-imagines the present.  

Erica T. actively enacts the discursive power of  photo-documentation and publishing. As an observer and photojournalist, she documented the last hours of Wang Chau before its eviction with photo journal The Last Record of Wang Chau (translated title).  

This event will be moderated by programme curator Christine Lee. 

Image Making and Re-Enactment: 

Beyond Territories and Boundaries

December 10 at Kino Cinema, Eaton Hotel

Senses of space and place are personal perceptions interwoven with afterimage of history, recollections and time. “Image-Making and Re-enactment: Beyond Territories and Boundaries” seeks to inquire the connection and dilemma among history, geographies and personal encounter, with a selection of moving image works by Hong Kong artists Law Yuk Mui and Lo Lai Lai. The programme will be followed by a post-screening talk (conducted mostly in Cantonese) with photography artist Justin Hui and the two featured artists, on their personal encounter with image-making as a catalyst for mediation, reappropriation and re-enactment, that resonates with their creative journey and the geographical imaginaries entailed.  

Rooted on methodologies of field study and archival research, Law Yuk Mui’s works intervene the urban space and mundane life, uncover fragments and metaphors of micro histories with mediums of moving image and sound installations.  

Lo Lai Lai Natalie’s works often present a personal narrative that evolves around her experience with nature from her routine farming practice. She explores the ambiguity and dilemma between man and nature as she inquires the relationship between artmaking and farming.  

Justin Hui’s photographic works at times combine multiple elements such as archival research, mapping and found objects. While anchoring on notions of redevelopment, territory and border, he unpacks the semantics of geography with an active re-interpretation of space, memory and transition. 

This event will be moderated by programme curator Christine Lee. 

Exploring different ways of using photography: 
A talk with HKIPF 2022 satellite exhibitors

November 12, 2022

This year's HKIPF satellite exhibitors have explored using photography in their own unique ways.

From photography as personal expression and healing, raising awareness to current social issues and image power dynamics, to developing relationships and community engagement, we are delighted to have all 6 artists with us for this talk together.

They will be sharing their personal journey and their ways of using photography followed by a discussion on what photography may become in the future. This talk will be moderated by Marty Miller.

New Territories

Hong Kong International Photo Festival Satellite Exhibitions 2022

November 01 - December 31, 2022, 11:30-22:00 Daily

Kubrick Cafe, Yau Ma Tei

The Satellite Exhibitions project returns with six bodies of work from our local image makers, exploring topics such as the culture of technology, urban development, documentation of history, family memories, and reflections on inner emotions, at wide-ranging venues including art space in Sheung Wan, little shop in Wan Chai, old mall in North Point, to bookstores in Yau Ma Tei and Sai Kung:


@little.rice Michelle Chan Wan Chee 'Kaufu’ 陳韻芝《舅父》|@mist_gallery_hk Mist Gallery
@ititcheung Itit Cheung ‘The silent blue filter’ 張喆《寂靜的藍濾鏡》|@windowandalley 窗後巷 Jessica Fu ‘Zoom’ 傅至雅《朦 朧》|@dionysus_books 神話書店
@jmyhui Justin Hui ‘New Territories’ 許慕義《界》| Kubrick Cafe
@dion17eung Dion Leung ‘APAPPAN’ 狄安《APAPPAN》|Fu Lee Loy Shopping Centre 富利來商場
@kaho.albert.yu Yu Pak Lin, Albert Yu Ka Ho ‘Shifting Grounds’ 余百鍊、余家豪《山移地動》|@arthomehk2021 arthome 藝術家

Book Launch at Asia One Book Fair

December 03, 2:00-3:00pm at Asia One

Coming Saturday we will be co-organising a book sharing session with Brownie Publishing @browniepublishing and The Saltyard @thesaltyard , a chance for our photographers to shed light on their three newly published Photobooks.

Searching for Poon

Fujifilm GFX Challenge Grant 2021 Exhibition

November 04 - 24, 2022, Fujifilm Square, Tokyo 

The GFX Challenge Grant Program, sponsored by FUJIFILM, is a grant program that awards 5 Global Grant Award and 10 Regional Grant Award to help aspiring creatives bring their imaging projects to life. Since the start in November last year, there were roughly 3,000 applications from all around the world. 

In March 2022, 15 award recipients were announced, and after 5 months of production, the 15 works were finally completed in August 2022.

ULI Hong Kong YLG: 

Reinjecting Purpose into Real Estate – Northern Metropolis

24 November 2022, 5 - 6:30pm

Architect and artist Justin Hui has spent more than a year documenting the changing landscape of Hong Kong’s Northern frontier. The region is currently at the focus of immense change with the Hong Kong government’s plan to develop land near the Shenzhen border into a “Northern Metropolis”.

In his talk, Justin will share his perspectives from the ground to provide insights of the region and the nature of Hong Kong’s land development. He will share photographs and anecdotes of villages being demolished, new infrastructure under construction, forgotten histories and the Shenzhen skyline, the agrarian nature of the land that eroded by urban development, and even stories of his participation in Hakka traditions by villagers he’s met along the way. His sharing re-examines our understanding of Hong Kong in relationship to the North and our relationship with land.

International Symposium for Visual Culture & Exhibition 2022 

CICA Museum, South Korea

March 16 – April 3, 2022 Exhibition “Visual Culture 2022” 

March 26-27, 2022 International Symposium for Visual Culture 2022

참여작가: Justin Hui, Minyoung Kang(강민영), Eli Kessler, Minu Kim (김민우), Joella Kiu, Eric T. Kunsman, Wenwen Liu, Alex Manea, Maria Petroff, Miki SASAKI, Jinsik Shin (신진식), Rio Ahn ( 안리오), Kyle Yip, Junghye Yun (윤정혜)

2022 CICA ISVC: 시각 문화와 관계에 대한 고찰


CICA 미술관 주관 2022 국제 시각 문화 심포지엄이 3월 26일, 27일 개최되었다. 국제 시각 문화 심포지엄(ISVC)은 시각 문화에 대한 다양한 비평적 담론이 오가는 국제 플랫폼이다. 아티스트와 시각 문화 연구가, 시각 문화의 생산자와 소비자를 잇는 글로벌 네트워크로서 여러 국가의 예술가와 연구가들이 참여하였다. 이번 행사는 코로나19로 인하여 Zoom Meeting으로 진행되었다. 2022년도 국제 시각 문화 심포지엄에서는 예술과 개인, 사회를 잇는 관계에 대한 이해를 담았다. 시각 문화를 포함한 예술과 자본주의, 환경문제 등 사회 관계와 더불어 예술가 각자의 경험과 예술로 표현된 작품들을 소개하는 예술과 개인과의 관계에 대해 다시금 생각해 볼 수 있는 기회가 되었다. 더 나아가, 시각 문화를 매개로 현재를 살고 있는 우리가 어떻게 미래를 살아가야 하는가에 대한 고찰을 하게 했다. 26일에는 8명(Eli Kessler; Eric T. Kunsman; Kyle Yip; Wenwen Liu; Joella Kiu; Maria Petroff; Rio Ahn; Miki SASAKI), 27일에는 3명(Justin Hui; Minyoung Kang; Minu Kim)의 발표자가 시각문화를 바라보는 작품 활동을 소개했다. ‘관계’라는 범주 아래 발표자 각각의 내용을 정리하며 심포지엄을 돌아보려 한다.

26일은 한국시간 오전 8시 30분에 Opening Reception으로 막을 열었다. 이후 세션 1은 한국시간 오전 9시 40분부터 오후 1시까지 Eli Kessler, Eric T. Kunsman, Kyle Yip, Wenwen Liu의 발표가 진행되었다. Eli Kessler는 “Apparatus and Uncertainty”를 주제로 자신의 조각 시리즈를 소개했다. 조각 3개는 왼쪽에서부터 오른쪽으로 진행되며 모두 땅에서 높아지는 형태를 갖추고 있다. 은 기술적인 면을, 는 1980년도 팝 음악의 뮤직비디오를, 은 시간 속의 인간 자아를 보여준다. 더하여 작품을 소개하며 발표를 마쳤다. 이어진 질의 시간에는 작품을 시리즈화 한 것은 작품 간의 관계를 관중에게 전달하기 위해서라고 이야기 했으며 육각형 모양 작품 사이 나비를 배치한 것은 환경과 시각문화, 이후의 세대에게 전하는 메시지라고도 할 수 있다고 밝혔다. 두 번째 발표자 Eric Kunsman은 “Felicific Calculus: Technology as a Social Marker of Race, Class, & Economics in Rochester, NY”에 대해 이야기 했다. Rochester 지역의 공중전화 사진을 담은 작품은 ZIP CODE 데이터를 이용했다. 왜 Rochester에서 공중전화가 필수적인지, 그 사회의 소통은 어떤 방식으로 이루어지는지 지역 사회에 밀착하여 사회와 시각문화의 관계를 담아냈다. 전 과정은 작가의 유튜브 채널에서 다큐멘터리로 볼 수 있다. 이어진 발표에서 Kyle Yip은 “Renaissance Show”를 주제로 시리즈를 소개했다. ‘꿈’을 꾸는 주체인 작가 개인의 경험을 바탕으로 시각문화와의 관계를 보여준다. 작가 개인의 취향이 들어간 패션 아이콘의 등장과 다양한 색채의 사용은 개인적 경험과 시각 문화를 잇는다. 작가 개인이 경험한 문화, 심리적 현상이라는 개인적인 영감으로 작품을 만들어냈다. 세션 1의 마지막 발표자 Wenweun Liu는 “How art as a vehicle for ideas-based ideologies, can facilitate the understanding of climate change and help people explore a speculative and sustainable future”를 주제로 생각을 나누었다. 발표자는 예술로 기후 변화의 문제를 해석했다. 특히 자연과 인류의 관계를 시각 문화로 풀어냈다. 단적으로, ‘The Kubuqi Desert Green project’을 소개하며 인류의 긍정적인 영향이 필요하다고 하며 자연과 인간의 상호관계에 대해 생각해보게 했다. 는 작가의 기후 문제와 인간 상호관계를 단적으로 보여준 작품이었다.

이후 세션 2에서는 오후 2시부터 5시 5분까지 Joella Kiu, Maria Petroff, Rio Ahn, Miki SASAKI의 발표가 이어졌다. Joella Kiu는 “Carrying Fire: Artist-Collectives as Praxis and Response to Ecological Emergencies”를 주제로 발표했다. 여러 작품을 통해 예술가와 자연과의 관계에 주목했다. 다이어그램을 통해 중앙집권적 유통을 보여주기도 했다. Maria Petroff는 “Art and the Decline of Capitalism: Artist as a storyteller”를 주제로 예술과 자본주의에 대한 비판적 시각을 공유했다. 자본을 좇는 예술가에 대해 재고해 볼 기회를 주었으며 이야기 전달자, 보다 작품을 내재적으로 해석하고 생산할 예술가의 필요성을 이야기했다. 질의 시간에는 어떻게 예술가가 자본주의에서부터 자유로울지 대화하는 시간이 되었다. Rio Ahn은 “Healing That Comes from Colors and Flows”를 주제로 자신의 작품을 소개했다. 작가는 색채에 힘이 있다고 믿고 감정을 색채로 드러냈다. 각각의 작품은 생각을 가지고 있으며 날아다니는 물고기는 생각과 상상이라고 통칭했다. 또한 생각이 생각을 불러 일으킨다는 점에 착안하여 생각은 개인의 관계가 되고, 그것은 곧 사람간의 관계가 된다는 것을 작품으로 구현해냈다. 마지막으로 Miki SASAKI는 시인과 예술가로서 “Rethinking the versification of Visual Poetry Though the practice of ‘Plastic Word Dictionary’” 주제를 바탕으로 이야기를 나누었다. ‘시각적인 시’에 대한 발표를 하며, 시라는 문학과 시각 문화를 연결하는 를 소개했다.

다음날인 27일, 한국시간 오전 9시에 세션이 시작되었다. Justin Hui는 “Decoding Visual Structures in Photography”를 주제로 발표했다. 작가는 새로운 디지털 시각적 형태에 주목했다. 사람간의 소통이 전 보다 더욱 시각적으로 변했다고 이야기하며 시각 자료에 대한 이야기를 이어나갔다.

Minyoung Kang(강민영)는 “Beyond the Human”을 주제로 이야기를 이어갔다. 강민영 작가는 예술을 개인과 자연에 연결한 작품을 소개했다. 영상 작업을 통해 인간 내면의 명상적 독백을 자연 이미지와 표현하였다. 명상을 주제로 한 작품은 명상을 하나의 예술적 카테고리로 만들어 개인이 얻는 새로운 경험을 시각적 자료로 활용했다고 한다. 또한 영상과 텍스트를 병치하는 시도는 기법적으로 ‘사람’이라는 주체와 연결된다. 10분 간의 휴식 뒤, 마지막 발표자 Minu Kim(김민우)의 발표가 이어졌다. “목격된 징후들 : 환경과 내러티브 / Witnessed Symptoms : Environment and Narrative”를 주제로 하여 자신의 작품인 , , 시리즈를 소개했다. 작가는 목격과 장면을 일차적으로 하나의 이야기로 재구성하여 풍경과 대상을 스스로가 우연한 목격자로 생각하게 하며 대상을 응시하고 관찰한다. 모든 시리즈는 모티브에서 페인팅으로 바꾸어 나가는 일련의 과정을 거치게 된다. 작가의 사회적, 정치적 의도를 배제한 작품에서 자연과 개인, 그리고 철거라는 자연의 변화로 하여금 이어진 사회적 문제는 개인과 사회, 자연의 관계를 거쳐 시각 문화를 가진 작품으로 탄생한다.

이틀 간 진행된 세션은 앞으로의 시각 문화 활동에 대한 응원과 인사로 끝맺음 되었다. 시각 문화에 대한 발표자 각자의 견해에 더해진 질의응답 시간은 발표자 개인의 시각 문화에 대한 지향점뿐만 아니라, 앞으로 어떤 사회를 만들어나가야 하는지 생각해 볼 수 있었던 기회가 되었다. 시각 문화를 향유하는 다양한 국가의 예술가와 연구가들의 활발한 소통으로 성황리에 마무리 된 2022 CICA ISVC는, 시각 문화와 개인, 사회, 자연, 예술이 가진 관계에 대해 깊은 사유를 건네고 있다. 앞으로도 CICA 미술관에서 주관하는 국제 시각 문화 심포지엄은 시각 문화를 제작하고 소비하는 모두를 위해 나아갈 것이다.

To Be Continued

Sinsin Gallery

Sin Sin Fine Art is proud to present the summer group show — ‘To Be Continued’, featuring Hong Kong artist & curator, Ms. Sin Sin Man together with five young Hong Kong artists: Ken Chung, Justin Hui, Grace Liu, Kate Ouyang and Wong Tong.

Speaking of the exhibition title, artist and curator Ms. Sin Sin Man writes, “We have three different generations. It is interesting to see who they are, what is on their minds, where they have been, how life has affected them, how they will continue...”

Despite the ongoing challenging situation in Hong Kong, it is fascinating to see two generations learn and work together to create artistic harmony, as well as telling stories of their diverse backgrounds, experience, and style - showing us the creativity, playfulness, and individuality of Hong Kong culture.

UABB Bi-City Biennale of Urbanism / Architecture

Visions 2050 : Lifestyle & The City

Kowloon Park, Hong Kong, December 2015 to February 2016

Shortlisted Exhibitor for Urban Africa, Made in China

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